Yiayia’s Bread Co.

Homemade bread by a grandmother & her grandson


Our homemade bread. Handmade using Greek traditional baking methods with love and care. Our unique four-flour combination creates an unrivalled texture and flavour.

Don't want a full loaf? Try our Yiayia Sized breads for a smaller version that will still leave you feeling delightfully full.

Greek Olive Oil

Introducing our olive oils directly from Greece! An enchanting symphony with freshly baked bread. Each drop of this liquid gold harmoniously enhances every bite, where the two lovers dance in perfect unity.

Due to the natural catastrophes around Greece, Greek olive oil prices have skyrocketed at grocery stores. Those prices are projected to keep on jumping. At Yiayia's Bread Company, we plan on slashing market prices and keeping our oil prices as reasonable as possible while getting the highest quality Greek olive oil available.

About Us

Emilio Ferreira

A loving grandson

Yiayia's Bread Company is a small business based in Montreal. We are a grandmother-grandson bread making duo using the Greek traditional baking methods that my yiayia (which means "grandmother" in Greek) taught me ever since I was a child. 

Enjoying a warm slice of home made bread during visits to yiayia's house was a blessing that became normal, but one winter evening, an idea grabbed on to me as I was chowing down on the delicious fluffy dough cloud. I told her how the bread she makes is so good that it can easily be sold and without hesitation, her sweet high-pitched Greek accented voice spoke "Do it."

Indeed I did do it. Now, Yiayia's Bread Company is run out of her kitchen where I spent years under her wing learning her ways. Loaves are made fresh, by hand and with the care and love that yiayia Niki has always shown me.